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Brimfield Show
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Brimfield Show
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Brimfield Show
Note: The Brimfield Show is comprised of 21 independant venue/field owners. The schedule lists each independant venue and contact info.

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Yankee Cricket B & B. Stay with us! Minutes from Brimfield Antique Shows and Old Sturbridge Village.

Dealers Info


Show is over for 2015

Next Year's Dates 2016 :

May 10 - 15  July 12 -17  Sept 6 - 11

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How to Sign Up: 

To sign up as a dealer, first determine which show you would like to exhibit in.  You can determine this by reviewing the Show Schedule and deciding which days of the week you can set up to sell as a vendor.  Then, contact the field owner.  Their phone number should be listed on the Show Schedule.  They may also have a web site that you can access by looking at the Show Schedule.  Please note that there is no central point of contact to signup as a dealer.  Each field is owned and operated individually.

How to Locate a Dealer prior to or during show:

If you are trying to find all of the dealers that specialize in your particular interest, you will be disappointed to realize that there is currently no central database for this information.  Each field is owned and operated individually and information is not shared about vendors.

However, there are a few web sites that are offering dealers the ablilty to list the types of merchandise they will be selling at the show along with their field location.  These web sites are listed below.  (Some are live - just click and you go right to the site, and some are not!)


Locating a Dealer after the show:

We are often asked about locating a dealer after the show;  either because of waiting to receive a shipment or because you deeply regret not purchasing an item.  Again, no central database exists on dealers and information is not shared amongst the field owners.

To try to locate your dealer, first look at the map of the fields.  Try to determine which field your dealer was exhibiting in.  Then go to the show schedule and obtain the phone number of the field owner.  They will have a list of dealers that exhibited in their field and they may be able to give you the information you are looking for.  Since each of the Show Venues/fields is owned and operated independently there is no one place to go to locating a dealer.

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