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Fencing Classes for Ages 8-16 & 16 to Adult - Hitchcock Free Academy

Fencing for Ages 8-16 & 16 - Adult


Fencing is a sport of combat that originally started as practice for dueling with swords. Since that time it has grown into a modern sport while maintaining those virtues that made it great; honor, valor, grace. Master Bloch’s fencing program is designed with safety and learning in mind. In our Salle (school) beginners are not thrown in with one another and told to “fence”. Rather, the classic French footwork and blade work is emphasized first. In this way we assure not only the safety of our students but, by laying a good foundation of learning, all students have the ability to become great fencers.
Learn the fine points of fencing.  Students, please bring a water bottle, sneakers and comfortable clothing. 

Ages 8-16 Dates 7:15-8:15:

(B) Wednesdays, September 13th - November 1st.
(D) Wednesdays, November 8th-January 10th No classes on November 22nd or December 27th
Fee: $99

Ages 16 - Adult 6:15 - 7:15
Wednesdays, September 13th - November 1st.
(E) Wednesdays, November 8th - January 10th. No classes on November 22nd or December 27th

Instructor: Andrew Bloch