QVCAH - Annual Board Meeting

Hi QVCAH Members, 

Please don't forget tomorrow night, June 27th, is our Annual Meeting! 

Doors open at 6pm for a reception for all our members to freely mingle and get a last glimpse at the Members' Show Exhibition.
Continuing at 7pm the Annual Meeting will commence. We will present to you our Treasury report, our successes, what's next for QVACH, and a slide show demonstration of what we the board did for the Art Center this year. In this meeting we will also look to you for help voting on the continuing board. As well as voting on amendments to the QVCAH By-laws, these amendments were sent for your review in the mail for your review. 

We need 20 members for these to be a valid votes. Please help us in being there to vote.
We need members like you to take interest in the well being of the board and QVACH itself. Hope to see you there!
Best Regards,
Your QVCAH Board Members