Brimfield Council on Aging "Windmill" - Clutter Control

Clutter Control and Why We Have Too Much Stuff!
Join humorist Dave Downs for this ,don't miss' presentation.  Dave discusses several BIG reasons why Americanshave so much STUFF.  In this program, the emphasis is on stopping the flow of stuff entering our homes!  We can't resist bargains, sales, yard sales; we buy and receive gifts we don't want, and these are just a few reasons why we consume twice as much as we did just forty years ago!  Americans spend four times as much time shopping as Western Europeans!  We will learn how Advrtiser use many techniques such as developing shopping habits, planned obsolescence, slogans, and the use of credit to motivate us to buy, buy, buy!  Dave use humor and amusing stories during his presentation to engage as well as inform the audience.  Please call 413.245.7253 before March 28th to reserve your space.