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July 2016 #Brimfield Recap

The July 2016 Brimfield show is in the books. Good thing I took a lot of photos because a week and a half later all I can remember is the heat and the moths!

As far as the crowds and sales, the show was a fairly typical July show. Nothing special. Dealers with realistic (and low) expectations met them. Those expecting things to be anything like May were disappointed. I talk to hundreds of dealers during the week. When I ask about how the show is going, the typical response is a shrug and "It's July." Enough said.

Scrapped and Found
Dealers may be a little apathetic about the July show, but shoppers are always excited to be there. The thrill of the hunt isn't hampered by a little heat and some moths! Shoppers in July are committed. You don't come out for the day in that heat if you aren't a serious buyer. The crowds weren't as impressive as May, but people were finding what they came for. Or, in some cases, things they didn't even know they needed!

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Our little app had a solid show. Lots of new dealers signing up on their own. Great feedback from users and dealers. Some new interesting contacts made. And, most exciting of all, we have secured an amazing spot very close to Route 20 on Hertan's going forward. This is great news for us and all of our dealers. With such a visible permanent spot we will be able to reach more shoppers at every show. We have some big things planned for September so stay tuned for more details!

Limbu Handicrafts
Farmhouse and industrial continued to be big sellers in July. Check out my recent posts about the presence of these styles in Brimfield: Farmhouse Style in Brimfield and Industrial Works in Brimfield

Anthony Rosa Modern
Anchored Salvage

In recent years, vintage clothing has also grown it's presence at the show. It's one of our most searched for categories in the app and we add more and more vintage clothing dealers to at every show. 

Bird Brain Vintage
Tea Street Vintage
Another trend we are seeing at the show is succulents and plants! Seed to Stem has made a huge splash in Brimfield for the past few years. Their booth is always a spectacular sight to see. And Susan Bates, with her beautiful plant displays, has been a staple in Brimfield for as long as I can remember. This year we are seeing a lot of new dealers incorporating plants and succulents into their booths. 

Susan Bates Home and Garden
Ivy Lane
Josephina's Creations
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The Brimfield Flea Finder app was developed specifically for the Brimfield Antique Shows. The app is free to download in The App Store and Google Play. Visit for more about the app and for general show information.

Industrial Works in Brimfield

Industrial style isn't new to Brimfield. In fact it has been around for quite a while. It was there before it became as popular as it is now and it's not going away anytime soon. There has certainly been an increase in industrial dealers over the past decade and while it used to be more concentrated in some particular fields, that is no longer the case. We have some amazing industrial dealers on just about every field.

If you are into the industrial look, here are a few of our regulars that you definitely don't want to miss:

Rustored Salvage

Eric, has become a good friend of ours and we are continually impressed by the quality and quantity of his goods and his prices can't be beat. You never know what you will find but you won't be disappointed. Located right on Route 20 at Shelton's.

Scrapped and Found

Scrapped and Found is located directly behind Rustored Salvage and it's another booth you don't want to miss. Dave makes a lot of pieces himself out of salvaged materials and always has a very cool set up with lots of industrial pieces. At the last show he had large quantities of ladders and printer's trays which were very popular. Another must-see booth at Shelton's.

Anchored Salvage

We always say that we work the nicest dealers in Brimfield, and Amy at Anchored Salvage is proof of that. Amazing pieces, a great eye, a talent for repurposing and a positive attitude! Located at the front of Sturtevant's right on Route 20.

Barge Canal

Barge Canal has been with us since the beginning and we love them for it. Their booth in Brimfield is always impeccably styled and busts the myth that curated booths have higher prices. So don't be fooled! Jeremy and Adelle also operate a vintage store in Burlington, VT that focuses on 20th century design and american industrial that we are dying to visit! Don't miss them on The Meadows.

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Silver Hippopotamus

Beth and Kathy, the sisters behind the industrial furniture pieces and artifacts in the Silver Hippopotamus booth are true artists. Located at Mohogany Ridge, they are delightful to talk to and their love of Brimfield and their one of a kind pieces is contagious. I'm always excited to see what they are going to bring to the next show!


Craig is Farnswood and Farnswood is industrial. It doesn't get more industrial than his custom welded marquis letters, repurposed furniture and lighting. He always has a great mix of large pieces and smalls and has been at Quaker Acres for the past few shows.

Aged Objects

Dan at Aged Objects specializes in industrial finds and antique hardware. Find him at New England Motel.

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There is no comprehensive directory of dealers at the show, so search for "industrial" in the Brimfield Smartphone app to help you find the location of these dealers and many others who specialize (or dabble in) industrial pieces. We are adding new dealers all the time!

For more information about the Brimfield Antique Shows visit or for more information about the app!

See you at the next show!